How Coblitz Photographic Arts Helped A Client Who Wanted A Pictorial Representation Of Their Ability

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How Coblitz Photographic Arts Helped a Client Who Wanted a Pictorial Representation of Their Ability.

As leading providers of commercial and fine art photography services in St. Louis, MO, at Coblitz Photographic Arts, I work with all types of clients that have requests that range from the usual to out of this world. I love the challenge that these clients throw up as it ensures that I stay at my creative best and continually push my boundaries to deliver exceptional ideas and creativity. 

Please keep reading to learn about how I helped a client with a unique requirement.

The Challenge: Creating a pictorial representation of my client’s abilities. 

I had a client with an unusual request that turned out to be a very enjoyable exercise of creativity for me and has worked well to serve the need he expressed. He owns an accounting firm and wanted artwork for his walls that expressed certain specific messages to his clients. This is what I call “functional art” and is my favorite thing to do. 

In this case, he wanted a piece for his lobby that expressed how his firm is a helping hand for clients using their CPA skills. He also wanted some work designed to go behind his desk so that when clients meet with him, they will clearly know that he will battle the IRS for them if necessary.

The Solution: Using my imagination and experience to create solutions.

For the lobby, I came up with a piece centered around the theme of helping hands with tax forms being pointed to by the hands of the staff on his conference table with the company logo in the middle. 

For behind his desk, he requested for a dragon slayer. This part was the most fun for me to create. I knew I had already taken a photo of a dragon at the Chinese lantern festival a year earlier at the Missouri Botanical Garden, so now I just needed a knight. I happened to know of a local knight with his own suit of armor, so he agreed to come to my front yard at night for me to photograph him lit in such a way as to look like he was being illuminated by the dragon, which I added later to the image. 

An interesting wrinkle on this was that working alone; I needed a way to simulate the light from the dragon with a large light modifier that wouldn’t blow over in the wind. My solution was to hang several layers of wedding veil type cloth that would allow the wind to blow right through it without tipping over my light stand. I bounced a gelled flash off of this to make the large light source of the right color to appear to be coming from the dragon. 

Both the client and I were thrilled with how well it came out. 

One more piece I did for him was a dark, foreboding sunset in a valley. To this, I added the following text: “Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, since I have fought the IRS and won.”

The desired overall effect of the three pieces delivered as gallery-wrapped giclee prints was achieved, and I’m told his clients have reacted well to them. Personally, the dragon slayer is one of my own favorites. It was technically and logistically challenging, but it came out great.

The whole project took about a month, mainly due to scheduling issues with the knight. Otherwise, it would have been a few days. Nonetheless, it has been one of the most exciting projects I have worked on, and I’m looking forward to similar projects in the future. 

The Bottom Line 

As an experienced and creative commercial photographer in St. Louis, MO, at Coblitz Photographic Arts, I pride myself on being able to blow clients away with ideas that are an amalgamation of creativity and realistic imagination to deliver exceptional quality images. 

It’s a pleasure each day to deliver commercial and fine art photography services to clients across Chesterfield, Town And Country, Wildwood, Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur, St. Louis, Fenton, Ballwin, Ellisville, Saint Charles, Olivette, St. Louis County, Missouri, and deliver products worldwide.

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