• Testimonials

    "Looking at the picture calms my breathing, releases tension and feels like meditation. I get a sense of peace."

    Healing Art Client
  • Testimonials

    "The only photographer I would trust to make a great representation of my work would be David Coblitz."

    Harry Weber
    - World renowned sculptor
  • Testimonials

    David combines photography and art in ways that are very innovative. He is a man of many talents. He is one of those individuals that you want to be associated with not only because is he a great person, but because you just know that great things will result!

    Ann Young
    Product Solution Specialist at Jaeckle Distributors
  • Testimonials

    David is one of the finest photographers that I have worked with in my 45 years as an interior designer. His selective eye is a cut above most professionals in this field.

    Don Occhi
    Interior designer at Occhi
  • Testimonials

    David is one of the smartest and most interesting people I know. He is a gifted photographer and always experimenting, planning and devising new ways to present his expertise. Ask him about metallurgy!

    R J Shay
    Head Gazook / RJ Shay Illustration and Design
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    Dave is an outstanding photographer, with a "great eye" for just the right shot that really "pops"! I highly recommend him for personal shots, or for scenic photography for your home or business!

    Lloyd Spence
    Business Developer
  • Testimonials

    David is a great person to work with and I hope to work with again someday soon. His art is just so beautiful, makes me want to go down town St. Louis and see in person, the shots he took!

    Jackie Binz
    Owner at STL Virtual Assistant, LLC
  • Testimonials

    David is a highly creative, intelligent and intuitive artist. He has a gift of seeing beyond the moment and delivers exquisite results. I recommend everyone take advantage of his talents.

    Judi Dethloff - Segalini
    Manager Human Resources, Key Management Co of MO, LLC
  • Testimonials

    David Coblitz had provided photographs to QUEST, the publication of the Urological Research Foundation. His images are of the highest quality and also show a special talent in composition and aesthetics. I recommend him highly.

    Cissy Lacks
    Editor/Writer/Photographer/Consultant at Beanie Enterprises
  • Testimonials

    I've known Dave as a fellow photographer for a number of years. He is an innovative photographer and produces high quality work. I would recommend him if you are considering him for an assignment or looking for his work as a piece of fine art.

    Greg Matchick
    Fine Art Photographer
  • Testimonials

    "To Dave, A Master Photographer! With every best wish, Rose"

    Rose Eichenbaum
    - Author/photographer of the photo book, "Masters of Movement, Portraits of America's Great Choreographers"
  • Testimonials

    I bought a photograph of David's of a circular rainbow to put up in my chiropractic office. It is so beautiful and I get compliments on it all the time. And his website to buy it was really easy to use. David is great to work with. I highly recommend him and his pictures!

    Dr. Rachel Loeb
    Chiropractor/Owner at Rachel Loeb Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC
  • Testimonials

    David has a great eye for photography & composition. I have recommended him to others and would do so again. If you are looking for a fine art photographer or someone to shoot your business Dave's your man.

    Joel Kirk
    Artist | Muralist | Interior Design | Painter
  • Testimonials

    David has made high resolution files for some of my paintings. He does a great job and gives me exactly what I need. He can handle all kinds of creative, corporate, and personal imaging needs. A nice guy to work with.

    Dana Diaz de Leon
    Dana's Creations - Original Paintings-Murals-Graphic Design-Event Photographer-Face Painting
  • Testimonials

    CRB hired David to come into our office and take employee photos. The quality turned out great, and he has since returned to continue taking photos on an as-needed basis. It's been great to have the ease of calling him to come in when we have new employees, and he's coined a way to come in without all the set-up- making the process quick for our busy employees.

    Emily Trout
    Civil / Structural / Architectural Estimator; Procurement Assistant
  • Testimonials

    David was very helpful in creating the Virtual Tour for Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures website. I was impressed by the high quality of his work and his extensive knowledge of photography and videos. I was very pleased with the overall process of his filming and would highly recommend his services.

    Karen O'Rourke
    Marketing Director Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, Inc.
  • Testimonials

    I would consider David not your typical photographer!! He could easily attach "Artist" to his title. I have used David's services and have always been pleased, with both his creativity and professionalism. A great, personable guy to know and do business with.

    Dan Sagitto
    Owner at ASAP - All Seasons, All Pests
  • Testimonials

    "I love this "After" picture you took of me and how you put the 2 photos together as one image. I get comments all the time about this picture. For so many years I have hated having my picture taken because I was self conscious about my appearance. You made me feel comfortable and took this great picture in 10 minutes!"

    Debbie Baumoel
    Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life
  • Testimonials

    David and I have been working together for over a year now and I find his work to be far more than just creative. He puts his personal touch and very spirit into his work. He is very honest and principled as a professional and I highly recommend him and his talented services to any of my friends or clients.

    Ronald W.
    ("FireWalker") Walker Sr. "the Fire Guy" FireWalker Fire & OurNetworkingSource
  • Testimonials

    Dave is exploring the area of visualization. He will work hard to create a unique image for you.

    Jim Trotter
    Commercial Photo Studio,Graphic design, Gigapans, Hasselblad Sales.
  • Testimonials

    David is a creative photographer with fun and interesting ideas on how to show off his wonderful art work. His talent behind the camera speaks for itself. Its always a pleasure viewing his works.

    Rose Finkenbuerger
    Sales at Diversifiedlab
  • Testimonials

    David came to our office to do headshots of all of our staff. He was extremely professional, came in and set up the whole shoot, was engaging with the individuals, and overall very pleasant. I would recommend him to do similar for any local business.

    Shantell Ziegel
    Business Development at CRB Engineers & Builders
  • Testimonials

    I hired Dave to shoot my professional headshot, along with that of my business partner. From the first moment we entered his studio, he was detail oriented, had thought of accommodations that I had not, and was extremely diligent in creating a professional look for our business. We used this shot in the opening announcements for our new business and had a plethora of positive comments!

    Abbe Keen
    Chiropractor at Crossroads Family Chiropractic
  • Testimonials

    David and I are both members of the Saint Louis Artists' Guild and I've known him from around the photographer's community. He is a passionate artist, creative, detailed and technical and above all, he is generous and supportive in his service to the Guild and other groups, and toward me as an individual.
    David is the consummate professional and I consider his outstanding photography and art to be outstanding.

    Mike Winslow
    Health and Wellness Coach | Weight loss | Weight Maintenance | Coach Recruiter | Saint Louis | Nationwide | 636-578-5456
  • Testimonials

    I had David set up an on-location studio for head shots at an Edward Jones regional meeting. He very efficiently took head shots for a number of financial advisors, with much higher quality and at a lower price than the studio that we have a national contract with. I would recommend David in a heartbeat for any photographic work you need.

    Matt Schellman
    Financial Advisor at Cornerstone Wealth Management, LLC
  • Testimonials

    We have been working with Dave and Coblitz Creative for the last couple of years. The work is exceptional, Dave has an extraordinary eye for detail, and he has always kept in mind our business requirements, not just his. Give Coblitz Creative a shot. You won't be disappointed.

    Lawrence Norber
  • Testimonials

    Dave does a great job in photography. When looking to take pictures Dave will find things in a scene that most people would never see in that scene and Dave will focus the photograph on that item so you see things that you never would have noticed. His work he creates does a great job of being unique and separates him from others in his field.

    Craig Riek
    Insurance Broker at Charles L. Crane Agency
  • Testimonials

    I met David earlier this year. As I got to know him, I obviously learned that he was a professional photographer. There is nobody better at making your "head-shot" look better than the original (your face). Once David took my head-shots, my wife commented that those were the best pictures that I've had taken in years. Not only was the finished product great, but his professionalism and creativity was even more astonishing. Like a surgeon, David works his studio with an unrivaled precision and detail. His other works of art are posted throughout the studio and I must say that his work is tremendous. I would recommend David to anyone and I will use his services again. Oh yeah......Dave....the wife loved the photo of the Fox Theatre. It's hanging on the wall close to our front door. It is the first thing guests see as they enter and everyone comments on that piece. Keep up the creativity.

    Ben Davenport
    Protecting home, business and health
  • Testimonials

    David is a great photographer with creative ideas!

    Arlene Ligori
    Graphic Designer at Raymond James Financial Inc.
  • Testimonials

    I arranged for Dave to take headshots for myself and other people in my office. He came on time, set up his portable studio and patiently took each person's photo. He was considerate of everyone's opinion and made sure we were all satisfied with our photos. I appreciated his professionalism and also how timely we received our headshots.

    Kerry Ghormley
    CLTC Mutual of Omaha; Sales Representative; Greater St. Louis Area
  • Testimonials

    David has an amazing eye for detail, with regards to art/photos, etc. Before you get pictures taken, for any occasion, make sure to contact David!

    Stan Karlton Holmstrom
    Manager - Training & Development at. U.S. Bank
  • Testimonials

    I have had the privilege of seeing David's work and I must say what I saw was great! David is a great photographer, but more importantly a great artist. I really do recommend David Coblitz Creative Concepts highly.

    Hank Jardine
    Owner at The Jardine AmeriSpec Office