Busted! Don’t Believe These Photographic Art Myths!

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When you are looking for stress relieving fine art photography, working with a commercial and fine art photographer can be of significant benefit to you. With an eye for detail and creative ideas, they can help you hone your vision & goals for stress relief into reality-based upon results of research into hospital design called Evidence-Based Design Art.  However, due to the many misconceptions related to photographic art and myths associated with the role of a fine art photographer, many people fail to understand photographic art and are discouraged from hiring a professional photographer. To dispel some of these myths and help you reap the benefits of this genre of photography, Coblitz Photographic Arts has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about photographic art. 

Myth 1: Art is just pretty but has no practical value. 
While art is highly subjective, every form of art has its own unique and practical value. In the case of Evidence-Based Design Art (healing art), it has been shown to reduce patient stays in a surgical center by 22% while also reducing pain relievers & sedatives required.  It can even eliminate “white coat blood pressure”, which is the elevation of blood pressure while being taken in a doctor’s office.  It has also been shown to reduce hospital staff stress.  All of these results come from research into hospital design.  Here’s an example of appropriate healing art.

Myth 2: There are no guidelines as to what art is most effective for health care facilities.
Contrary to this belief, there are research-based guidelines to suggest which art has been most effective in healthcare facilities and which is to be avoided. Studies show that certain types of art can soothe patients and help them feel comfortable and welcome.  In general, types to include are engrossing nature photography such as landscapes & florals.  Types to avoid are abstracts and images featuring bodily fluid colors such as red.  Within the genre of nature scenes, predatory animals or birds should be avoided.  There are more detailed guidelines,  but those are the main points.

Myth 3: An art consultant’s choice is always the right choice. 
Art consultant’s can be very helpful in picking appropriate art for your home, or facility.  They need, however, to take care not to substitute their own likes & dislikes for what the research shows works.  Since art consultants view lots of art,  they can become so used to beautiful is that like a symphony that gets tired of harmonious music that the audiences like, they may lean to more edgy art.  Art is subjective and as a client, you need to choose what suits your preferences while respecting guidance from professionals.

To steer clear of these and other myths related to photographic art, you are welcome to reach out to me at Coblitz Photographic Arts for complimentary consultation.

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