Protecting home, business and health" />

Ben Davenport
Protecting home, business and health

Author: Coblitz Photographic Arts |

I met David earlier this year. As I got to know him, I obviously learned that he was a professional photographer. There is nobody better at making your "head-shot" look better than the original (your face). Once David took my head-shots, my wife commented that those were the best pictures that I've had taken in years. Not only was the finished product great, but his professionalism and creativity was even more astonishing. Like a surgeon, David works his studio with an unrivaled precision and detail. His other works of art are posted throughout the studio and I must say that his work is tremendous. I would recommend David to anyone and I will use his services again. Oh yeah......Dave....the wife loved the photo of the Fox Theatre. It's hanging on the wall close to our front door. It is the first thing guests see as they enter and everyone comments on that piece. Keep up the creativity.